Big data gets physical Video

Big data gets physical Video
Posted: 9 May 2017
Hendrik F. Hamann
Primary Committee:
Time: 01:00:28

While in the past most information on the internet was generated by humans or computers, with the emergence of the Internet of Things, vast amount of data is now being created by sensors from devices, machines etc, which are placed in the physical world. Here we present a series of example applications enabled by such sensor data and what we call Physical Analytics, which provides underlying intelligence for smarter applications using a combination of physical and statistical models.
The smarter solutions, which are being presented in this talk, range from active energy management and optimization, environmental sensing and controls, to renewable energy forecasting. All these different applications have been built using a single platform, which is comprised of a set of configurable technologies components including ultra low power sensing and communication, big data management technologies, numerical modeling for physical systems, machine learning based physical model blending, and physical analytics based automation and control.

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