Firefox Login Assist

To continue using FireFox. follow the steps below:

You'll need to add the Resource Center url (eg - 'https://resourcecenter.ieee-pels.org') in the FireFox settings specified below to allow this browser to read login cookie information. This cookie information has been blocked by a recent FireFox security update. We are working on a permanent fix for this.

1.  In FireFox’s address field enter: about:preferences#privacy

2.  On the this Browser Privacy page update the two sections below:

3.  In the Enhanced Tracking Protection area, click the Manage Exceptions… button

3.1   In the ‘Exceptions for Enhanced Tracking Protection’ pop-up screen add the Reasource Center URL
and click the Save Changes button

4.  In the Cookies and Site Data section

4.1     Click the Manage Exceptions… button

4.2     In the ‘Exceptions – Cookies and Site Data’ pop-up screen
add the Resource Center URL and click the Allow and then the Save Changes buttons

Note: If your organization controls these settings, you'll may be prevented from making these edits and will need to use Chrome to log into the Resource Centers, as Chrome does not have this issue.

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