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25 Jun 2019

Proceedings from FEPPCON X 2019: Nowhere in the world the impact of global warming is more visible as in the polar regions. In the arctic regions the ice is melting at an accelerated pace year by year and some animals are not able to make their living any more. Many indicators show that CO2 emissions from using fossil fuel is the main factor contributing to global warming coming. Power Electronics plays a crucial role to efficiently substitute fossil fuel based electrical power production and to in the electrification of transport. FEPPCON this year is dedicated to explore and discuss the future role of power electronics against this background the event is held in Tromso, Norway- very close to the North Pole- but easily accessible and with modern facilities- the sun will also be visible 24 hours a day at this time of the year.
Theme: Future on power electronics and applications- Challenges, opportunities and research directions beyond 2025.
Specific objectives are:
- Identify future key R&D tracks and the possible show stoppers in power electronics technology, as applicable to electronic power systems.
- Identify possible opportunities for disruptive technology research (materials, components, equipment, systems)

Braham Ferreira, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Primary Committee:

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