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03 Jun 2022

Abstract: This year, after a hiatus due to the global pandemic, the IEEE Power Electronics Society�s Long Range Planning committee has selected the Land of Fire and Ice to convene its technical forecasting and strategic planning forum known as FEPPCON - Future of Electronic Power Processing and Conversion. This is the 11th installment of FEPPCON, which serves to drive future PELS initiatives and predictions of what will be relevant in the coming years for the power electronics industry. Since the last assembly of FEPPCON, the world has experienced a global pandemic, supply shortages and supply chain issues, an intensification of transportation electrification, a higher frequency of cyber-attacks, accelerating growth of solar PV deployment, and more political instability among world powers. FEPPCON XI is organized to explore and discuss the ever-growing role of power electronics against this vibrant world canvas full of positives and negatives, ups and downs. The event is held in Reykjavik, Iceland, which itself is a land of many fabrics: green and stark, volcanic and frozen, remote and sustainable.

Theme - Powering Global Progress Even in the past 5 years, power electronics is becoming more and more widespread in commercial applications. We will explore challenges, opportunities, and research directions beyond 2025, including both emerging and incumbent applications.

Specific objectives are:
- Identify future key R&D tracks and possible show stoppers in power electronics technology, as applicable to electronic power systems.
- Identify possible opportunities for disruptive technology research- materials, components, equipment, systems.

H. Alan Mantooth, University of Arkansas, USA
Primary Committee:

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