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27 Aug 0021

Abstract: With electric drives becoming ubiquitous in power generation, industry, transportation and consumer appliances, understanding their operation and dynamic control has become a topic of ever-increasing necessity. This tutorial will explore AC Drives and their closed-loop position/speed/torque control using vector control for various applications. This shall be done so in three parts:
a. Analysis of steady-state and dynamic operation of AC motors
b. Mathematical modeling and simulation of AC drives
c. Realtime implementation of vector control on actual Induction and PMAC machines
One of the major bottlenecks in the implementation and testing of new motor controls is the exorbitant cost associated with the acquisition of the software and the hardware necessary to evaluate these controls. This tutorial relies solely on simulation and model-based real-time code generation and control software, Sciamble® Workbench (, which is available free-of-cost. The real-time implementation will be demonstrated using an inexpensive low-voltage lab kit developed by CUSP ( at the University of Minnesota.
hands-on experience in developing and deploying vector control of AC drives.

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