All SiC High Power Converters for Combined Integration of Solar PV and Energy Storage-Video

28 Jan 2021
Juan Carlos Balda & Yue Zhao
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Time: 1:09:20
Abstract: Distributed generation is becoming more prevalent in electric power distribution systems as costs are reaching grid parity, in particular for solar generation. At the same time, the need for energy storage is becoming more important since peak generations very often do not coincide with peak demands. Therefore, developing grid interfaces based on power electronics that combine solar generation and energy storage is of interest. In this webinar, a case study will be presented on the design and validation of an all silicon carbide (SiC) 150-kW triple-active-bridge (TAB) converter stage for combined integration of solar array and energy storage. The detailed design methodology used for power electronics building blocks (e.g., the H-bridge converters and active-neutral-point-clamped (ANPC) using 1.7kV SiC modules), and the 20-kHz three-port transformer will be presented together with experimental results on the built prototype. In addition, a design case study of a 4.16kV grid-tied inverter using the TAB converters will be presented.
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