Introduction of a State-of-the-Art Power Electronics Design Automation Tool in Hitachi ABB Powergrids – Challenges and Best Practices-Video

05 Mar 2021
Ralph M. Burkart
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Time: 1:29:37
Abstract: Optimized product performance, low R&D costs and short time to market are important prerequisites for an industrial company to be competitive. In this respect, the availability of powerful, versatile and easy to use design tools is typically a key enabler. This webinar talk presents the example of the introduction of a state-of-the-art tool for automated design and optimization of power electronic converters in the R&D units of Hitachi ABB Powergrids. In the first part, the talk will present the main principles and technical features of the design tool. Important aspects like the workflow, the available optimization variables and parameters as well as the search algorithm will be covered. The second part of the talk focuses on the practical aspects of the introduction and dissemination of the design tool. The challenges of empowerment and motivation that are key ingredients to establish a sustainable and broad user base will be addressed. A palette of organizational and technical measures will be presented that helped us to overcome these challenges and successfully establish the tool.
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