Developing Online Educational Videos for a Global Audience-Video

19 Mar 2021
Katherine A. Kim
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Time: 33:42
Abstract: As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the move toward online education has been accelerated and many educators find themselves moving their lectures to online videos. Developing educational videos can be daunting and challenging, but there are also benefits to both educators and learners. I have been developing lecture videos on power electronics and control for flipped-learning teaching since 2014 and sharing them publicly on YouTube. Along the way, there have been many lessons learned from both personal experience and feedback from students/viewers. This webinar will share best practices for recording equipment, editing software, video making tips, video format, and video/course hosting platforms. Study results that examine the effect of self-made and professional videos on student learning will also be shared, along with feedback from students and viewers from around the world.
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