High Performance Heat Sink Design for WBG Power Modules using Genetic Algorithms-Video

21 Apr 2021
Emre Gurpinar & Burak Ozpineci
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Time: 01:30:09
Abstract: Wide-bandgap (WBG) based power electronic systems require advanced cooling solutions to achieve high power density and maximize utilization of WBG based device properties. Using off-the-shelf cooling solutions leads to low power density and limits the system level savings that WBG based devices can offer. Advanced manufacturing, high-fidelity modelling and genetic algorithm based optimization techniques can be combined to develop unique cooling solutions that are tailored for design objectives, system constraints and manufacturing limits.

In this talk, various design approaches for air-cooled and liquid cooled heat sink designs using genetic algorithm and multi-physics based high-fidelity modelling will be discussed. First, the challenges and opportunities associated with WBG based power electronics will be presented. Then, topology design and optimization approaches of high performance heat sink designs will be shown. Finally, comparison of optimized heat sink designs with conventional solutions based on simulation and experimental results will be presented.
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