Power-Based Droop Control in DC Microgrids Enabling Seamless Disconnection from Upstream-Video

26 Mar 2020
Guangyuan Liu
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Abstract: Dc microgrids are regarded as an effective way to aggregate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), including distributed generators and energy storage systems, through power electronic converters. Droop control is a representative control strategy for DER converters in dc microgrids, enabling automatic and balanced power sharing. However, with conventional droop control method, power contributions from DER converters cannot be actively regulated. Instead, they are determined by loads power, which limits the control flexibility.

This presentation will introduce a local power-based droop controller for DER converters in dc microgrids that are connected to upstream grids. This controller combines the advantages of droop control and power flow control. Specifically, in grid-connected mode, it works like a power regulator to achieve flexible power flow control, while, in islanded mode, it behaves like a conventional droop controller to guarantee prioritized power distribution. Importantly, the controller can seamlessly transfer from power flow control to droop control, without any need of islanding detection schemes or critical communication. The detailed structure, operation principle, and performance validation will be presented in this webinar