Designing Integrated Motor Drive with GaN Video

04 Jun 2019
Serkan Dusmez
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Abstract- As the industry moves towards �smart factory� and next level of automation, the demand for miniaturization of manufacturing equipment to save floor space and reduce the time required to install and commission equipment is becoming more critical. This presentation discusses how GaN is enabling next generation of highly efficient integrated motor drives. These solutions result in >75% reduction factory floor cabinets while reducing power and communication cabling by more than 90%. An actual design example will be shown and discussed.

Bio- Dr. Serkan Dusmez is the Systems Engineer of the GaN Product Line at Texas Instruments (TI) responsible for the product and roadmap definition of GaN products and the development of high frequency power converters. He has worked on various areas of power electronics including new topologies and control algorithms for next generation power converters. He is the author/coauthor of over 60 IEEE papers.

Dr. Dusmez graduated with a PhD from the University of Texas at Dallas.
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