Smart Grid as New Energy Paradigm Video

31 May 2018
Haitham Abu-Rub
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Time: 01:03:14
The smart grid has been called electricity with a brain, the energy Internet and the Electronet. Basically, the smart grid integrates electricity and information and communication infrastructures to create electric system that is more secure, reliable, stabile, efficient, and safety. The smart grid is the new energy paradigm that is characterized by a bidirectional flow of electricity and information. Hence, the transformation from conventional grid to smart grid requires a paradigm shift in representing electric grid structure and operation. However, there are lots of challenges on the way of implementing smart grid at national, regional and global levels. These challenges include Acceptability, Controllability, Interoperability & Interchangeability, Scalability, and Security. The demonstration of these challenges is essential for understanding and successful implementation and operation of the smart grid at all levels. Therefore, the talk will focus on presenting the future energy paradigm and the way to transform current grid into smart grid. The elements of smart grid and challenges behind its implementation will be discussed. Enabling technologies, current status and the future prospective will be discussed.
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