Smart Battery Energy Management and Health Conscious Fast Charging for Future Transport-Video

02 Jun 2020
Sheldon Williamson
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Abstract: It has become imperative to find a solution to manage energy production and usage accurately, especially within the context of future electric energy storage for aerial vehicles and autonomous e-transportation systems. Enhancing the life of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs has been the topic of much interest. In this framework, the role of on-board cell voltage balancing of Li-ion batteries will be highlighted in this talk. This is a very important topic in the context of battery energy storage cost and life/state-of-charge, SOC/state-of-health, SOH monitoring. Li-ion batteries, although popularly proposed for electric transport, have been highly uneconomic for energy storage, overshooting cost requirements by a large margin.This talk will also introduce a first-of-its-kind closed-loop cell charge (voltage) balancing and extreme fast charging technique. The technique uses instantaneous cell voltage and/or temperature rise (?T) as a control parameter. Existing charging techniques for Li-ion batteries use a largely open-loop approach, where the charge profile is pre-decided, based on apriori knowledge of cell parameters. There is a need for closed-loop charging techniques that use instantaneous cell voltage and/or temperature to modulate the charging current magnitude. This seminar addresses this gap by proposing for the first time ever a constant-temperature constant-voltage (CT-CV) charging technique, considering cell temperature as a key degradation metric. This talk will also establish the benefits of the proposed CT-CV charging at cell level and increases the possibility of extending it to the pack level by integrating it with battery management systems.