Driving, Monitoring, and Protection Technology for SiC Devices Using Intelligent Gate Drive

08 Nov 2019
Zheyu Zhang
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Time: 1:29:00
Abstract: Gate drive is the key to maximize the switching performance of power devices, in the meantime, it could be utilized to monitor and protect devices for efficient and reliable converter operation. For emerging SiC devices, a good gate drive design could be a critical differentiator to fully utilize its value in actual converters. This webinar focuses on SiC based gate drive technology. It starts with the introduction of gate drive basics along with design challenges and opportunities for SiC devices. Then advanced gate drive techniques will be highlighted for smartly driving, online monitoring, and fast response protection of highspeed switching SiC devices. Several examples will be illustrated to demonstrate the effectiveness of the intelligent gate drive on the performance improvement at both device level and converter level.
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