Advanced Modeling Approach for Magnetic Material and Components-Video

15 Sep 2020
Helen Cui
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Time: 1:10:28
Abstract: Magnetic material and component structures that favor the trend towards planarization, chip-scale integration, and novel magnetic packaging become the most promising direction of facilitating the development of future power electronics and RF systems. However, conventional design and modeling of magnetic components largely reply on behavioral-level regression methodologies that are inadequate to provide theoretical guidance and feasibility for advanced applications. This talk starts from the external characteristics of magnetic components, and then shifts from macroscopic performance to microscopic behavior for magnetic materials in order to reveal the hierarchy of interactions between material properties and component applications. The modeling techniques not only provide powerful tools for analyzing magnetic-related issues in the next generation of high-frequency and high-density power electronics with wide-bandgap devices; but also inspire cross-disciplinary applications such as magnetic-molded packaging, ferromagnetic-resonance wireless power transfer, and multiferroic antennas.
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