Mentors and Advocates- How to be one and How to find one-Video

18 Nov 2020
Stephanie Watts Butler, Christina DiMarino, Lauren Kegley, Katherine Kim, Denise Ridley, Ray Ridley
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Abstract: A successful career typically has benefited from coaches, mentors, advocates and sponsors. Do you know the difference between them? Do you know when you need one or how you can be one? You will learn the difference between these different roles, as well as how you can find or be a part of the career evolution process for yourself and others. This event included facilitated small group discussions applicable to everyone at all career levels. To launch the discussion, this event included a pre-event screening of the award-winning documentary, Pioneers in Skirts. This film provides a unique focus on the challenges in achieving gender parity in our culture. Come observe the transformative conversation supporting inclusion at all levels of our Power Electronics community. Leave with new tools to fully engage everyone in our community and achieve the full potential of Power Electronics’ impact on the world.

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