AI Inspired Control- Design and Cyber Security of Converter based Power Systems-Video

02 Dec 2020
Tomislav Dragicevic
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Time: 1:17:03
Abstract: Power electronics technology is in the heart of the ongoing green transition. In particular, power electronic converter systems (PELS) serve as grid interfaces to renewable energy sources, storage systems, electrical vehicles, and flexible loads. Therefore, as fundamental building blocks, power converters will not only have a major effect on the efficiency and reliability of future power systems, but will also be in charge of ensuring their stable and secure operation. Challenges such as decreased system inertia, static voltage deviations and dynamic voltage instability arise in this scenario and they can be partially solved through effective control, design and placement of PELS in future power systems. Moreover, a well-coordinated cooperative effort of many PELS requires tight coupling of power electronics with advanced computation and communication technologies. This will make the power-converter based system increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This lecture will discuss some of the research challenges mentioned above and present several recent research results where artificial intelligence (AI) inspired solutions have been developed. Lecture will also discuss future research directions in the field of AI applied to converter-based power systems.
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