New Advances in State-Space based Control of Power Converters-Video

02 Dec 2020
Dorin Neacsu
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Time: 1:06:26
Abstract: This webinar is presenting new advances on the deployment of digital control systems based on state-space feedback control (also referred to as "modern control") to power converters. The State Space based modelling allows implementation of both feedback control and additional features due to its inherent time-domain character. The presentation reviews briefly the typical design steps for a State Space based controller, including state-space modeling, averaging, optimal selection of pole location for feedback control, reference introduction into the state-space form, and use of both an integrator and feed-forward components for achievement of dynamic and steady-state performance. This introduction is followed through with comments related to digital implementation, which make a difference between fixed-point and floating-point computing platforms. Since the performance is influenced by the operation point considered in model, a method for adaptive gain change is next discussed. The last part of the webinar concerns design of full- and reduced-order state estimation, including observer's pole selection, equations, and offline parameters for implementation. Applications of such observers to both current sensor-less control and fault detection (either catastrophic faults or slow deterioration due to ageing) are included as ultimate proceedings. The webinar benefits from support with MATLAB® analysis and a Microchip® platform implementation.
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