An Event Driven Cyber Security Framework for Power Electronic Systems-Video

01 Feb 2021
Subham Sahoo
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Time: 1:28:03
Abstract: As power electronics (PELS) have emerged as the key frontiers towards green transition, their moderation for grid-supportive services has become topics of practical interest. This moderation often brings information and communication technologies (ICT) into the operation and control stage of PELS, which renders them vulnerable to cyber attacks at the same time. These attacks can affect their operation in many unpredictable ways. Hence, a cyber security framework for power electronic systems is the need of the hour to ensure normalcy under cyber attacks. Hence, this lecture will first assess the risks of cyber attacks in PELS and then present an event-driven control solution to detect and mitigate cyber attacks. Moreover, the said framework also isolates malfunctioning events such as sensor faults, line-to-line faults from cyber attacks in a timely manner. Towards the end of the lecture, some videos on resiliency of PELS captured from an experimental prototype against the most prominent cyber attacks will be demonstrated to conclude with future research directions in this field.
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