Current sharing technologies for LLC resonant converters Video

18 Dec 2017
Yan-Fei Liu
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Time: 01:11:45
LLC resonant converters become more popular due to its desirable features, such as zero voltage switching, high switching frequency operation, possible integration of the resonant inductor into the transformer. However, its output voltage is controlled by switching frequency, or more accurately, its voltage is controlled by the ratio of the switching frequency and the resonant frequency. When two or more LLC converters are connected in parallel, they cannot achieve current sharing because of the tolerance of the resonant components. In this webinar, two technologies will be introduced to achieve current sharing of the LLC resonant converters. One is Switch-Controlled-Capacitor (SCC) technology and the other sharing inductor technology. SCC technology uses a low voltage rating MOSFET (less than 100V) to fine tune the equivalent resonant frequency to compensate the tolerance of the resonant components. The shared inductor technology does not add any additional components. It connects the two resonant inductors in parallel to achieve current sharing. The operation of these two schemes will be introduced in details during the Webinar. The key equations will also be provided. The webinar is intended for engineers and students intermediate technical level of resonant converters, switching converters.
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