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11 Jan 2024

Abstract: Power electronics is a core technology for future energy systems. The performance and functionality of power electronics in these systems critically impact the sustainable development of human society. To leverage the advances in semiconductor devices and the scaling laws of passive components, a promising trend is to minimize the power conversion stress and maximize the passive component utilization through high-frequency operation and granular power conversion, while modernizing the modeling and control of distributed switching cells. In pursuit of this vision, this talk will first present the recent developments of power electronics at the chip edge, focusing on advanced DC-DC power architectures for energy-demanding high-performance computing. Various design considerations for hybrid-switched-capacitor CPU voltage regulators will be presented. We will then discuss high frequency, high control bandwidth power electronics. Methods for designing an efficient and fast multiphase interleaved power amplifier with control bandwidth higher than its switching frequency. Finally, we will introduce a large-scale open-source power magnetics research platform the MagNet (, and the upcoming international power magnetics modeling challenge the MagNet Challenge to transform the modeling and design of complex power materials with advanced data-driven methods, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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