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30 May 2024

Abstract:Model Predictive Control (MPC) emerged few decades ago as an attractive control strategy for power electronics systems. Main advantages of MPC are the simple concept, the capability to include easily different control objectives and the high dynamic performance. On the contrary, like any new strategy, it also has disadvantages such as dependence on the mathematical model, dependence on the parameters and a variable frequency spectrum. However, thanks to the work carried out by the scientific community, each of these disadvantages has been resolved. The progress of MPC over the past few years has seen a transition from a novel strategy to a commercial product by the ABB company. This tutorial aims to introduce the audience to MPC and show them its evolution and applications. It is for this reason that this webinar is organized into three main sections: i) provide the basic concepts of MPC operation; ii) show the main MPC applications in drives; iii) Finally, the objective is to show the audience the most relevant trends of MPC. In this way, it is expected that the audience will be able to obtain in this webinar an overview of MPC, observe the main developments according to the various applications of power electronics and will obtain an overview of the progress of MPC and how they have been resolved to improve the strategy.

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