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20 Jul 2023

Abstract: As the world moves towards a sustainable and decarbonized future, the transportation
sector plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles have gained
significant traction as a promising solution, but the issue of carbon emissions during vehicle
operation and battery production remains. The innovative approach of integrating green hydrogen technology into electric vehicles, and revolutionizing their environmental impact will be discussed in this webinar. Green hydrogen, produced through renewable energy sources, offers a clean and efficient energy carrier that can power fuel cells and extend the range of EVs without compromising on
sustainability. The speakers will highlight the key benefits and challenges associated with this paradigm shift. The technological advancements and infrastructure requirements needed to facilitate the widespread adoption of green hydrogen in the EV industry will be discussed.
Furthermore, the speaker will present real-world case studies and success stories that demonstrate the viability and effectiveness of this transformative solution.
Key topics to be covered:
� Understanding the role of electric vehicles in reducing emissions
� Challenges and limitations of battery-powered EVs
� Introduction to green hydrogen technology
� Advantages of integrating green hydrogen into electric vehicles
� Infrastructure requirements for green hydrogen adoption
� Case studies showcasing the successful implementation of green hydrogen in EVs
� Future prospects and opportunities for the synergy between EVs and green hydrogen

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  • PELS
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