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05 Oct 2023

Abstract: Pulsed power applications require the delivery of high-energy pulses in a controlled and efficient manner. Power converters need to be specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of pulsed power systems, providing precise voltage and current regulation, fast switching capabilities, and high power density. Power supplies for pulsed power applications contribute to the advancement of various fields, including aerospace, defense, medical, and subsurface characterization. This talk will begin with the introduction of major pulsed power applications and then focus on two of the critical ones � radar and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy � from a power conversion perspective. Then, the speaker will detail a 2-stage converter architecture and the design of the individual stages (isolated and non-isolated) using GaN HEMTs for these applications. This will be followed by a description of the challenges faced while designing compact (micro 100 W/in3), fast (less than 1 microsecond load transients), and high-temperature (greater than 150 degrees C) capable pulsed power supplies. The talk will conclude by discussing some preliminary results from the thermal cycling tests conducted on the GaN devices and the characterization of their effective activation energy.

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