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13 Nov 2023

Abstract: Other than climate emergency, continuous use of fossil fuel as energy source is also creating havoc on global economy of $100 trillion and world peace. Based on abundance, free fuel, minimum amount of greenhouse gases emissions, and minimum use of water in power generation, highest safety, access to all, and ultra-low cost, photovoltaics (PV) has the potential of generating sustainable, green and equitable electric power for all applications including electrification of transportation. In places where solar intensity is low (e.g. Scandinavian countries) wind energy can supplement solar energy. Due to advancements in technology and ultra-large-scale manufacturing, lithium-ion batteries are emerging as a cost-effective solution of electric power storage due to its constantly reducing cost. Free fuel solar generated green electric power combined with lithium ion batteries for storing electric power has the potential to electrify almost everything and transform the global energy sector. The cost of PV generated electricity has reached in sub $0.02/kWh range at utility scale and will play the same role in the field of energy as that played by CMOS in low-power electronics. A huge amount of green electrical power and capital is being wasted currently by using existing AC infrastructure for charging of EVs. . In this talk, I will show that local DC power networks can be implanted right away for EV charging and with the development of silicon carbide based bi-directional medium voltage to high voltage DC converters we can provide low-cost power to everyone for EV charging.

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