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30 Nov 2023

Abstract: With the advent of AI, a major technological challenge is the need to minimise the energy consumption of electronics computing and communication systems. This is also a major concern driving sustainability. I will introduce the role of high-efficiency, power converters in powering microprocessors in smart phones and portable computers. While the dc-dc converter can provide high efficiency energy transfer from a battery to the processor chip, a major roadblock to further energy saving is the bulky nature of the magnetics or the output inductors in these converters. I will introduce ground-breaking research at Tyndall/UCC which makes these bulky power magnetic components disappear onto the silicon chip, just like Gordon Moore did with the transistor over 50 years ago. I will explain how using Tyndall/UCC's MagIC technology can change the global approach to efficient system power management, known as Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) which can extend the charge time of batteries by a factor of 2 to 3. I will also introduce the journey taken to communicate the benefits of the technology to companies who have licensed the technology and developed global supply chains for its high volume production.

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