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12 Dec 2023

Abstract: SuperCascodes present an approach to serially connect lower voltage power semiconductors that self-trigger to create a higher voltage power switch. The triggering semiconductor in the string can be a normally-off switch and driven as a typical low voltage MOSFET or GaN HEMT and will trigger a serial string of normally-on devices. The webinar will provide a history to the evolution of the SuperCascode and highlight a new method of cascading modern SuperCascodes to provide even higher voltages. Details will be given on device selection and comparisons of JFETs, MOSFETS and GaN. Also presented are details and introduction to baseplate-less or segmented-baseplate packaging using dielectric fluid for isolation and cooling to minimize substrate switching currents. Thermal performance is provided through multiphysics simulations for a 24kV/105A Cascaded SuperCascode. Experimental results will show switching results for single SuperCascodes at 5kV/105A and 6.5kV/20A with 50-30ns dv/dt operation. The attendee will learn details of design for both electrical and physical implementation.

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